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(Crossposted to comp.lang.ada, because of the Ada to Java-bytecode project) Thanks for your informations and comments, Michel--Post a followup to this message. Return to the comp.compilers page. 02.04.2019 Жан Давид Ишбиа (фр. Jean David Ichbiah, 25 марта 1940 — 26 января 2007) — французский учёный и главный "FAQ по ADA". Статья из раздела "Другие языки" на сайте URI(7) Linux Programmer's Manual URI(7) NAME top uri, url, urn - uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN :> The following is the number of postings (for all time) to the "top :> twenty" groups in comp.lang.*. I don't believe there is any special :> significance to this list, but believe it is as interesting as most Public Ada Library (with VHDL support) FAQ: 04.09.2003 : Ada FAQ: Learning Ada: 04.09.2003 Ada FAQ: Programming with Ada (part 1 of 4) 04.09.2003 We are happy to announce that we will be playing the amazing venue that is The Flapper one last time before it closes in June!

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Mar 27, 2014 · Introduction Ada is an advanced, modern programming language, designed and standardized to support and strongly encourage widely recognized software engineering principles: reliability, portability, modularity, reusability, programming as a human activity, efficiency, maintainability, information hiding, abstract data types, genericity, concurrent programming, object-oriented programming, etc. Post by Lucretia All you probably need is a C function which returns the string c_str() to Ada which Ada can then use, wrap that in Ada. Just define a private type for the string class which is an address and pass that to the C function. See full list on Mar 27, 2014 · _____ 10: Credits The following persons have contributed, directly or indirectly through e.g. comp.lang.ada, to the information gathered in this FAQ (which was managed by the AdaIC before August 1994): Stéphane Barbey, John Barnes, Moti Ben-Ari, Heddy Boubaker, Carl Bowman, David Bulman, Susan Carlson, G. Vincent Castellano, Cyrille Comar Why Ada is failing - comp.lang.ada #4245 Here's the bottom line: the mandate may be successful in fending off ENDLESS waiver requests from lazy DoD contractors, but the mandate is not There's a good Usenet newsgroup devoted to discussions about Ada: comp.lang.ada. Personally, I prefer to read the Usenet with a newsreader (technically Hi A answer is that the compiler don't know if it should use the "=" for "Constant_Reference_Type'(F (J)))" or "Integer'(F (J))".

Newsgroup comp.lang.ada, 11.6k threads, 104k posts, ranked #283.


Well that project is finally out in the open and it’s called xlang: a cross-language, cross-compiler, and cross-platform generalization of WinRT. It has no dependency on Windows or even WinRT and thus sports an… Release details on comp.lang.ada.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.lang.ada. An Ada grammar including a lex scanner and yacc parser is available. E-mail: . Another yacc grammar and parser for Ada by Herman Fischer. An LR parser and pretty-printer for Ada from NASA is available from the Ada Software Repository. Adamakegen generates makefiles for Ada programs.

I'm currently looking for a PL to experiment building a security-focused exokernel and would immensely appreciate insight on the following. Matrix Multiply Comparison (GFORTRAN) from comp.lang.ada.


Phil Thornley deserves extra credit for his detailed reading of the manuscript and many corrections. It seems that half of comp.lang.ada consists of professionals from the aerospace and embedded systems industry and the other half are crackpots who want to create a Caesar cipher plus spam.

Adamakegen generates makefiles for Ada programs. comp.lang.ada. 4 Replies 1154 Views Permalink to this page Disable enhanced parsing. Thread Navigation. Grok 2003-11-20 16:59:48 UTC. Trey Walpole 2003-11-20 17:10:02 The huge majority of the comp.lang.ada messages are Ada specific, and many are from people supporting Ada, so that all threads developing on c.l.a end up dealing with Ada. Cross-posting should be used with caution and careful thought, for various reasons: comp.lang.ada; compiler confusion, overloading and "subtype mark required in this context" February 7 th 2021 at 09:15 comp.lang.ada The venerable Ada news group.

It seems that half of comp.lang.ada consists of professionals from the aerospace and embedded systems industry and the other half are crackpots who want to create a Caesar cipher plus spam. It always looked like a weird community to me (but that has indirectly to do with how Adacore conduct their business). Contribute to microsoft/xlang development by creating an account on GitHub. * first attempt at update * filling out xlang project list * minor fixes * Update Co-authored-by: Kenny Kerr Co-authored-by: Ben Kuhn Co-authored-by: Kenny Kerr comp.lang.ada. 1–30 of 35086. comp.lang.ada Ada stacks and the time system, sandy, 9/18/19 ANN: Simple components for Ada v.4.42, Dmitry A. Kazakov, 9/16/19.


comp.lang.ada, maybe something other? Any ideas where? Discussion was very short, literally few questions and answers. Plus only in text chat. Ada Listing - Ada - Join for the Ada Programming Language NIC - [Search | FAQ | Help | Feedback | NIC Info | Home] comp.lang.*. comp.lang.ada Discussion about Ada*. comp.lang.apl Discussion about APL. comp.lang.asm/ comp Jean David Ichbiah (25 March 1940 – 26 January 2007) was a French computer scientist and the initial chief designer (1977–1983) of Ada, a general-purpose, strongly typed programming language with certified validated compilers.

31.05.1996 comp.lang.ada Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Recent changes to this FAQ are listed in the first section after the table of contents.

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comp.lang.ada. Need help getting started? Don't show me this again. Don't show me this again. Welcome! This is one of over 2,400 courses on OCW. Explore materials for

Learning Ada: Are there any Ada books on-line? Is there a review of Ada books? Where can I find sample Ada code? Where can I find the Ada reference manual and standards? Where can I learn about Ada? TEAM-ADA: How do I join TEAM-ADA?

Ada 95: Problem Solving and Program Design. C3, Ada: Syntax, With / Use, Variables, Constants, Control Structure, Data Types (PDF), (PDF) comp.lang. ada.

19. Posted by 6 days ago. Ada/SPARK's approach to typing and proof-oriented programming vs ATS's. I'm currently looking for a PL to experiment building a security-focused exokernel and would immensely appreciate insight on the following.  Tcl/Tk; Perl; Ada; C and Its Prececessors, including C and BCPL and B; Compiler Compilers, including Bison; Miscellaneous FAQ for comp.lang.functional. 19 Feb 2021 About comp.lang.ada I can say too much, I don't spend much time there. To be honest I stopped using Usenet many years ago.